the robogato toy

so a few weeks ago, a friend of mine contacted me regarding wanting to make a toy based off my character, the robogato. who doesn't want a toy of a character they've designed? so i sent him some character sketches:

i had started with just a super basic, standing pose, i wasn't sure what my friend had in mind for the toy. i'd be happy with just a still statue. the left drawing shows where the possibility for bending of the joins could occur.

the drawing on the right shows a more action-oriented pose. the legs wouldn't be poseable, they would act only as a base. the arms and hands would have a left and right version, and so with interchanging of the limbs and hands you could get several poses from the figure.

in just the last week, my friend has been working on printing the head of robogato. he is still working on modeling the rest of the elements. here are the results of the head print:

the head on the left is the initial print. the ears were huge, to say the least. could have been a combo of poor communication and sketchy sketches but that's how they came out.

the middle image, i drew over another image of the printed head and with the red-outlined box, i communicated the height of the ears i wanted, and the red linework indicated the overall shape and design i wanted for the ears.

the image on the right is the product of my design suggestions and the remodel. i would say it is coming along quite nicely. the tandem between me and my friend is working out quite nicely, and aside from the robogato, we hope to have more projects in the future.

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